Gladstones And New Merch!

I’m here in Columbus, playing the Funny Bone with another weekend of sold out shows. Thank you, Columbus! There’s a great energy here as the Blue Jackets have won their first Stanley Cup playoff games in the first round against the Pittsburgh Penguins. It’s also raining today. Every time anyone asks where I live and I say, California, they just tell me how bad their winter was. Believe me, I know this was a tough one. Although I got to enjoy some of it at this year’s NHL “Winter Classic” at the ‘Big House’ in Ann Arbor and the Red Wings alumni game at Comerica Park. I even got to play some outdoor pond hockey on the lake at Joe Kocur’s home. And I did several dates on the east coast from November to January. Nasty stuff, but luckily not one of my flights was canceled during that time. I have family in Detroit so I get to be in lots of bad winter weather. But this year was especially harsh!

I’ve been touring just about every weekend with my standup and shows have been sold out from New York to Florida. There’s still a lot more dates this year all across the US and some dates in Canada. I hope you get to see one of my shows!

The merch store here on the website is about to get some new products with a new “Cut It Out” logo – T-shirts, hats and Gladstones. What are Gladstones? Well, let me see if I can explain where the idea came from. I wanted to make something personal for you. Something that was small and you could carry around in your pocket and would put a smile on your face (and has a catchy name!). Something that you could put on your desk at work or at home…or on your nightstand. Ok, you could put it just about anywhere. I also wanted to autograph them and make them myself…so each would be unique. So, my gigantic team at davecoulier.com Enterprises (over 7,000 employees) is going to start offering Gladstones. Yep, a small rock that’s signed and hopefully brings you some good luck! So be looking for those in a couple weeks. Here’s the new logo and some rough Gladstone pics:
new cut it out logo


NOTE: If you bring any of my merchandise to any of my ‘live’ shows, I’ll happily sign it for you. Just tell the venue manager and they’ll bring you backstage after the show. Just tell them before the show so I don’t leave you hanging.

I’m currently working with the people at GEICO. I’m doing a radio campaign, featuring 70 new spots that are really funny. The campaign is: “GEICO presents American Legends.” They’re regionalized spots and the writing is brilliant. We’ve been recording whenever I’m available and have recorded most of the spots in LA and several in Detroit. A couple more recording sessions and we’ll be finished. You’ll start hearing the spots in the next month or so. They’ve been a great group of people to work with — funny, fun and quickly hit their “gavels” when deciding about how a spot sounds. Here’s the awesome GEICO “American Legends” team:
GEICO American Legends team

Developing a new reality/travel show with Relativity Television. Hopefully, more on that in the next few weeks.

And keep sending your fan photos to: fanphotos@davecoulier.com
We’ll post them here on the website.

Thanks again, all of you for supporting my standup shows. I’m having a blast listening to your laughter.

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