My Visit To Redbox

Redbox asked if I could come to their corporate headquarters in Chicago and meet with their staff and team members. My Clean Guys DVD is now exclusively available at all 40,000 Redbox kiosks nationwide, and it’s the first relationship of it’s kind at Redbox. So I was more than happy to fly there (Redbox even picked up the first class flight, hotel and transportation!).

It’s always interesting for me when I get to mingle with corporate America. Their world is so organized — the pieces of the machine all have to work in harmony to get the massive job done. It’s so different from my free-wheeling world of comedy; even though I consider my world organized chaos. They have hard deadlines to meet, whereas I don’t know what’s coming down the road other than what I already have booked on my schedule. I’ve met with plenty of corporate people before; networks, studios, Big Three auto execs…even the folks at Tim Horton’s at their headquarters in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

But this was different. When I arrived, I was greeted by Caroline Byrnes, The Redbox Senior Manager, Content Strategy & Business Development (with a title like that I knew that, yes, this was corporate America!) and a bevy of smiling faces who I’d get to meet personally a little while later. A cameraman followed me around the building taking pics of me standing in front of Clean Guys posters and various locations where my fat head could be placed next to.


Everyone I passed in the hallways said hello and greeted me warmly. Was this really corporate America? Then the real surprise…Clean Guys cupcakes! I guess they really were excited to see me! When I went to Tim Horton’s headquarters I couldn’t help but wonder where all the donuts were.

CG cupcakes

I was ushered in to a conference room filled with empty chairs, a Redbox kiosk proudly displayed at the front of the room, which stood next to a Clean Guys DVD poster. As I sat on top of a long table in the conference room, Redbox employees, some wearing red polo shirts with the Redbox logo emblazoned on the front (I was told later that these people were in training) started streaming in.

Once everyone took a seat (others stood around the perimeter of the room), Caroline stood and introduced me. I talked about how Clean Guys came to be and how happy me and my partners at Fathom (NCM.com) and Mike Sears (my producing partner) were to be working with Redbox.


Then we opened the floor for questions. There were some laughs and a few questions about my career, and more than enough Full House related questions.


Then I signed autographs and took photos with everyone.


All I could think the entire time was: Wow. These are really nice people! Afterwards, I grabbed a Clean Guys cupcake (they actually tasted great) and met with Caroline and her boss, Taryn Aronson, Senior Director, Movies at Redbox (another long title!) and I asked questions about Redbox and where the Redbox ‘ship’ was sailing to in the future. Imagine that; a comedian asking corporate heads questions about their company and them responding seriously. No. Seriously! But I digress. I said goodbye and walked away feeling as though I’d been given a look behind the curtain at this ever-expanding media distribution company.

Caroline and I are going to keep in touch. In the meantime, “Clean Guys ‘Live’ from Denver” will be available (exclusively) at one of these:


(Pictured: Caroline Byrnes with Dave)

Thank you everyone at Redbox. It was really great to meet all of you!

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